Does Zinc Boost Testosterone? Know Scientific Facts

Does Zinc Boost Testosterone

There are several reasons that can result in a decrease in testosterone levels in men. Many such health conditions are curable and can be as simple as the deficiency of vitamins like zinc. We all know that zinc is a versatile mineral. It contributes to diverse processes in the body many of which are believed to be directly or indirectly associated with testosterone health. This is probably one of the reasons why you will come across many top testosterone boosters adding it to their formula. But how does zinc actually support testosterone production?

We have taken a closer look at several research papers to understand the science behind them. Here is what we found:

Key Points To Note
  • Zinc triggers testosterone production from the source.
  • Intervention trials connect hypogonadism with zinc deficiency.
  • No adverse effects of zinc supplementation have been reported.
  • Zinc also contributes to other body processes that can indirectly influence testosterone output.

Zinc And Testosterone – The Correlation

Zinc is an essential mineral that influences numerous biochemical processes in the body. Many connections have been established stating that Zinc has a direct link with testosterone production in men.

A meta-analysis of nearly 38 studies – 30 animal and 8 clinical studies shows that a deficiency of zinc has the potential to cause oxidative damage to the testicular cells which are the source of testosterone production. Damage of the Leydig cells of the testicles then inhibits testosterone production and brings the levels down drastically. Adequate supplementation of this mineral thus serves as an important element in tackling low testosterone and low sex drive issues which may otherwise affect your quality of life significantly.

A crucial responsibility of zinc is to boost the immune system of the body. Apart from this, many medical practitioners across the world emphasize maintaining a healthy level of zinc from early on, from the developmental stage onwards. This in turn also supports the strengthening of sexual functioning, male hormone health, and other functions.

How Does Zinc Boost Testosterone – More Scientific Studies

By now we have already seen studies that have shown a concrete association of zinc with testosterone. Digging further into the subject, We found many other solid data that highlight the fact that zinc can play a vital role in improving testosterone output and health in men. Here are a few major ones-

In a comparative study on ‘zinc status and testosterone concentrations’ across 40 healthy men of diverse ages 20 to 80 years kept on a restricted zinc diet, researchers found that six months of zinc supplementation resulted in an increase in serum testosterone in elderly men. A decrease in testosterone was also measured in young adults who were kept on a low-zinc diet. This clearly indicates the importance of zinc in regulating testosterone production.

Yet another similar clinical trial and its findings published by NIH established zinc’s efficacy in restoring testosterone levels. The study also confirmed that while a low-zinc diet can have an adverse effect on testicular functioning leading to low testosterone production, supplementing it consistently can reverse the symptoms quickly.

The key findings from another significant study conducted in 2018 prove zinc to be an integral part of testosterone regulation, male sexual functioning, and protection of the male reproductive organs. The study also confirms that the deficiency of zinc inhibits proper sperm production, leads to poor sperm quality, and has a negative impact on serum testosterone levels. All of these bring about fertility issues in men.

How To Increase Zinc Levels To Boost Testosterone

How To Increase Zinc Levels To Boost Testosterone

The daily recommended allowance (RDA) of zinc for adult men is 11 mg. The best part is most of the zinc that you need for the body to function optimally can be sourced easily from your daily diet. However, with people trying out various fad diets, the body isn’t really getting enough zinc because of the low intake of zinc-rich food. This then takes a toll on the testosterone health and other body functions.

Here are some of the best ways to improve zinc in the body:

Eat Zinc-Rich Food

The best way to supply nutrition to the body is by eating healthy food. There are many foods that are high in zinc and can help tackle zinc deficiency very quickly. Some of the zinc-rich foods include nuts, seeds, spinach, oatmeal, yoghurt, meat, shellfish, legumes, lentils, whole grains, and eggs among others.

Zinc Supplements Work Great

If your diet for some reason cannot fulfil the zinc requirements of the body, then supplements can be a good way to boost the zinc levels in the body. Men looking to improve testosterone levels as well as zinc supply in the body can go for the natural testosterone boosters that have zinc in their formula.

It is, however, important to note that while zinc is extremely important for the body and generally non-toxic in nature, a higher level of the mineral than what is required has adverse effects on the body.

Other Health Gains Of Zinc

So far we have been talking about how zinc supplementation can help you elevate testosterone levels and its deficiency can lead to hypogonadism. But, the truth is, it has many other health benefits. Below are some of the ways zinc is beneficial:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves lean muscle mass and strengthens muscles
  • Improves skin and hair health
  • Benefits eyesight
  • Speeds up the recovery process both externally and at a cellular level
  • Reverse various age-related symptoms
  • Helps regulate blood glucose levels and lowers cholesterol

All the above benefits positively impact the quality of life, and mental and physical health which supports healthy testosterone production.


Although the number of studies surrounding the effect of zinc on testosterone might not be as many as other nutrients, the available data and evidence are sufficient to determine that zinc is extremely important in boosting testosterone production. Because of this potential and its several other health benefits, the demand for zinc in the testosterone boosters market is also rising.

That said, low testosterone can arise as a result of various underlying issues. Proper diagnosis, followed by exercise and filling up the important nutritional requirements like zinc will help you optimize testosterone production and improve overall wellbeing.