Does Turmeric Help With Weight Loss? Know Science

Does Turmeric (Curcumin) Help With Weight Loss Know Science

Turmeric (scientifically identified as Curcumin) is a herb/ spice of Asian origin and holds high value in traditional therapies. This is because of its innumerable health benefits, and in recent years, it has also caught a lot of attention for its claimed ability to support weight loss. Most of turmeric’s medicinal qualities are pinned on curcumin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-rich compound that forms the major part of this spice. Now the main question is, how much does it support weight reduction?

We have thoroughly reviewed the available scientific literatures to assess turmeric’s role in weight loss. This includes clinical trials and experimental research, focusing on how curcumin, turmeric’s active component, aids in weight reduction. Our goal is to offer you a well-informed view on turmeric’s effectiveness in weight management, grounded in scientific evidence. Let’s explore the key findings below.

Important Highlights
  • There is scientific evidence that turmeric can aid weight loss in different ways.
  • Turmeric helps regulate blood sugar and trigger thermogenesis.
  • Research has shown that turmeric can help reduce body weight, waist circumference, and BMIs.
  • However, turmeric’s weight loss benefits can be achieved only when combined with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Turmeric And Weightloss: What Science Says

Turmeric And Weightloss What Science Says

Various studies show that turmeric can support weight loss in multiple ways. The main reason behind its effect is a chemical compound called Curcumin that is responsible for its bright yellow colour.

Research has established that curcumin has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory potential and these play key roles in weight loss. One team of researchers found that consumption of turmeric (curcumin) inhibits certain inflammatory markers that induce weight gain. Reducing inflammation can support weight loss by lowering fat cell accumulation.

Another study from 2019 demonstrates that weight gain and inflammation in the cells are closely associated with each other. Inflammation decreases insulin sensitivity, which increases sugar levels in the blood by affecting the metaboic functions, subsequently leading to weight gain. Turmeric consumption has been proven to be beneficial in regulating insulin levels, thus facilitating weight loss.

Digging through the data showing the positive connections between turmeric and weight loss, We found another clinical evidence. This study demonstrates how active curcumin plays a key role in decreasing the adipose tissue in overweight people with metabolic issues. In this, the test subjects were given a curcumin supplementation for 30 days, and at the end of the trial, researchers noted that there was a prominent decrease in body weight, fat mass, and hip and waist circumference. No side effects were reported during the study, indicating that turmeric is safe to consume.

Evidence Of How Turmeric Supports Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, turmeric supports weight loss in many different ways. The studies that we saw earlier showed that it does have a positive connection with body weight reduction. Here, We have enlisted a few clinical interventions that demonstrate how this wonder spice supports your weight loss efforts. Let’s take a look.

Promotes Thermogenesis

Promotes Thermogenesis Evidence Of How Turmeric Supports Weight Loss

In one of the recent animal studies, overfed rats were treated with Turmeric (curcumin) for nearly 13 weeks. At the end of the treatment period, researchers found a significant decrease in body mass, a decreased amount of white adipose tissues because of browning, and increased energy expenditure as a result of thermogenesis. The findings suggest that curcumin has the potential to treat metabolic disorders by triggering thermogenesis, which breaks down the stored fat cells to energy and prevents the storage of new fat.

Meanwhile, We came across another meta-analysis comprised of 21 studies that showed that curcumin consumption resulted in a significant reduction in body mass index, body weight, and an increase in adiponectin levels in patients with metabolic syndrome. This shows that this herb can kick-start thermogenesis, thus offering beneficial effects on weight loss.

This has been further supported by a very recent animal study showing turmeric’s potential ability to enhance metabolic functions by activating the markers associated with thermogenesis.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity And Balances Glucose Levels

Several studies have demonstrated Turmeric’s positive effect on blood glucose levels. The findings from one of the significant studies demonstrated that curcumin found in turmeric can lower cholesterol and fatty acid biosynthesis and improve insulin sensitivity thus balancing the glucose levels. It can, therefore, be used as a potential treatment option to alleviate insulin resistance and obesity.

Decreases Growth Of Fat Cells

Decreases Growth Of Fat Cells Evidence Of How Turmeric Supports Weight Loss

Researchers found that increased concentration of turmeric extracts can inhibit the production or growth of adipose tissue. This prevents the accumulation of fatty cells or cholesterol in the liver, resulting in a decrease in body mass, and also prevents liver diseases that can be caused due to obesity.

Regulating Bile Production For Fat Burning

Not quite popular in the weight loss discussions, but bile acids play a crucial role in the weight loss process. It stimulates fat-burning by metabolizing the white adipose tissue (WAT) and converting it to energy-utilizing brown fat tissues. This maintains a balance between the energy you intake and the energy expenditure, helping you lose weight faster. It also prevents the storage of unwanted fat in the tissues.

Curcumin in turmeric triggers bile production in the gall bladder. Adequate amount of bile acids improve digestive functions and reduces bloating, inflammation, and indigestion while assisting weight management.


After taking a look at a wide range of studies and their findings demonstrating a positive connection between turmeric and weight loss, we can safely conclude that turmeric consumption comes with weight loss benefits. It not only has the potential to support the elimination of fat cells from the body but also prevents the storage of new fat. Most of the in-vivo studies have shown a decrease in waist circumference on turmeric supplementation.

However, it is important to note that turmeric alone cannot show significant results. You will have to use it along with the right kind of diet and follow a proper exercise regime for turmeric to do its work on the body more effectively. In addition to that, you can also opt for a fat-burning supplement containing turmeric as one of the key ingredients to get optimum nutritional benefits.