Aphro-D Reviews 2024 | Does It Work? Know Ingredients & Pros!

Aphro-D Review Efficacy, Side Effects And WARNINGS

Aphro-D is one of the latest supplements that we came across when looking for testosterone boosters. It is a 4-ingredient formula that claims to increase the free and total testosterone, improve muscle health, and boost energy and mood. Now, when it comes to treating low testosterone issues, clearly, you will not want to try out something that is not reliable or safe. So with some of the top-rated testosterone boosters like TestoPrime, Prime Male, and a few others, we will see where Aphro-D stands in the market.

We conducted in-depth research on the ingredients that Aphro-D uses, what scientific evidence they have, benefits, side effects, and more. Let’s take a look.

Aphro-D Review


Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Four-ingredient formulation
  • Lacks important ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve testosterone
  • No transparency on the dosage of each ingredient used
  • Many alternatives are available with better efficacy and safety

What Is Aphro-D?

Aphro-D is a testosterone-boosting supplement formulated by a healthcare practitioner. Made with four natural ingredients, it claims to improve testosterone levels, muscle health, and workout performance. Aside from that, the supplement also promises to enhance mood as well as provide sexual wellness.

If you take a look at their official website, you will find many positive reviews from various users and TrustPilot has also rated the product 4.7 out of 5. However, these reviews are available only on its official website and on Trustpilot.

Another important point to note here is that – when you want to know more about a supplement before deciding on whether to pursue it or not, you normally visit their official website for authentic details. Aphro-D’s website, however, lacks transparency in terms of the dosage of the ingredients used and doesn’t provide links to the associated scientific research on these herbal extracts it contains. This sure is an unfavorable indication.

Aphro-D Pros And Cons

Aphro-D has a few positive points which can be taken into consideration, but it has a downside as well that cannot be ignored:

Aphro-D Pros

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Comes with 365 days money back guarantee
  • Recieved many positive reviews as seen on their website and Trustpilot
  • Formulated by a doctor
  • Seems to have improved mood and energy

Aphro-D Cons

  • Lacks crucial testosterone-boosting ingredients like D-aspartic acid, Boron, Fenugreek, etc.
  • No information on the dosage of the ingredients
  • Lacks scientific evidence on the ingredients used
  • Cannot purchase without a subscription

Top Alternatives For Aphro-D

Best One
TestoPrime Top Alternatives For Aphro-D


Overall Rating: 5/5

TestoPrime is by far considered the best testosterone booster on the market. The reviewers and customers, both like it alike for its efficacy, safety, and quality. Here are some of the most notable points of TestoPrime:

  • It has consistently taken the top position in the ‘Best Testosterone Boosters’ list of most reviewers.
  • Includes the most potent, testosterone-boosting ingredients like D-aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Ginseng, and Ashwagandha in significant quantities.
  • Provides an overall boost to health including other top-notch ingredients like garlic, pomegranate extracts, green tea, zinc, and vitamin D among others.
  • Offers a significant boost to testosterone levels, and promotes muscle growth, better mood, and sexual wellness.
Testo Max Top Alternatives For Aphro-D


Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Testo-Max is yet another popular testosterone supplement that has garnered incredible ratings from users. It is particularly formulated for those who need a testosterone boost to support their workout efforts. Testo-Max helps accelerate muscle growth and functionality and toning your body. Here are some of the points that make it one of the best boosters:

  • Contains D-Aspartic acid in surprisingly significant amounts. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to be the most effective one in restoring testosterone levels.
  • Safe alternative to steroids that are used in muscle building, strengthening, and body sculpting.
  • Includes other vital nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3 in the right quantity which many supplements lack.
Prime Male Top Alternatives For Aphro-D

Prime Male

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

When it comes to regulating testosterone naturally in the body after a certain age and if that is your primary focus, Prime Male is one of our top recommendations. Prime Male helps improve energy, promotes sexual well-being, and enhances overall performance. It is especially beneficial for aging men as it reverses age-related low testosterone issues. This is how it tackles the male problems:

What Aphro-D Claims To Offer

Aphro-D’s website mentions some of the potential benefits that you can expect from the supplement. The good thing is it doesn’t hype its offerings and that’s probably because it lacks the widely recognized ingredients used for boosting testosterone. That said, Aphro-D claims to improve the testosterone in the body naturally by boosting energy and improving overall performance. It also claims to restore sex drive which gets affected with a drop in the testosterone levels.

It is also important to understand that it might take at least a good 30 days of consistent supplementation of the results to show.

Ingredients In Aphro-D

As mentioned earlier, Aphro-D has four ingredients in its blend:

Tongkat Ali

TIngredients In Aphro-D ongkat Ali

The most prominent ingredient in Aphro-D is Tongkat Ali (also known as Malaysian ginseng) which is long known for reversing age-related low vitality issues. A study on this aspect shows that Tongkat Ali can increase the free and total testosterone in the body. This was further supported by another research that shows that this ingredient is used by various health supplements to improve mood, reduce fatigue, and boost energy by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels. This then elevates the serum testosterone levels.

He Shou Wou

Ingredients In Aphro-D He Shou Wu

As evident from the name, this is a herb used as a Chinese alternative medicine. While this is mainly used for treating kidney issues, diabetes, tumor, liver injury, and a few more, its impact on testosterone need more research and trials. Currently, there is one study that shows that this compound helps in revitalizes kidneys. This in turn also partially supports sperm function and increases testosterone levels. However, the experiment has been conducted on animal subjects so far given that they might be unsafe for human consumption.

Schisandra Berry

Ingredients In Aphro-D Schisandra Berry

It is not quite a popular name in the supplements world, but this is a fruit from the plant of Chinese natives. It is believed to be useful in treating liver conditions, lungs, and digestive problems because of its anti-inflammatory properties. While there is limited evidence of its impact on testosterone health, there is one study that shows that there was an improvement in sperm mobility and can raise testosterone levels.

Pearl Powder

Ingredients In Aphro-D Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder is yet another ingredient that lacks much evidence to support its effectiveness on male health. While its antioxidant, antiinflammatory and osteogenic properties have made it an useful component in chinese medicine for years for treating bone and skin issues, concrete research is required to understand its efficacy in association with testosterone.

Aphro-D Price And Availability

When it comes to price, Aphro-D is relatively expensive than many other top supplements the market. Its single bottle carries a price tag of $80 in addition to $10 shipping cost. Check out their official website for other price details. Aphro-D is currently available only on their own website and is not sold on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform. The company also requires you to subscribe with them to purchase their products.

Should You Take Aphro-D?

After a careful examination of the product, we can say that- unless there are sufficent and clear evidence of each ingredient used in Aphro-D, and transparency about the dosage of all the ingredients, we honestly cannot really recommend it to anyone. Aside from that, the two ingredients that has some research studies backing them might be risky for human health in high doses.

Aphro-D Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews that Aphro-D has received from users are positive and speak loudly about its efficacy. The real customers have talked about how this testosterone supplement has helped them. A few Stories are shared below

“I have low testosterone which causes low energy and trouble focusing. Since starting Aphro-D, I have sustained energy, better focus, and feel nourished after eating. Aphro-D has made me feel great and I’ll keep using it.”

-Nicolas Hall

“After one month of taking Aphro-D at 48 years old, I feel amazing. I’ve reduced my testosterone dosage because I no longer need as much while taking Aphro-D. With only one working testicle, my testosterone was chronically low for years. Now with Aphro-D, I feel optimized and everything is working perfectly.”

Jeffrey Daubney


In conclusion, if you are serious about regulating your testosterone levels and are conscious about staying healthy, and not risking your body to unknown substances, it is best to go for one of the best alternatives that we have listed in the article above which we are sure are safe and effective. While Aphro-D has received some positive reviews from the customers as given on their website, for us to recommend the supplement, we need to see better evidences than what it currently has.