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Incentivised food choice tool

The Incentivised Food Choice Tool is a new low-cost computer-based method to elicit dietary choices in a quick and incentive compatible manner, which can be used on-line or as part of a laboratory study. The tool has been developed to mimic a typical online supermarket in order to provide a more natural and familiar setting for participants to make their food choices. A key benefit of the system is that it has been programmed using Microsoft Excel's native VBA language, meaning that it can be amended and customised to suit individual researcher requirements, while greatly facilitating the extraction of raw data. 

Download the User Manual here

To obtain the Food choice tool, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  FoRC Toolbox

Developed by Nudge-it researchers, the FoRC platform is a subject measurement program that provides researchers in Nutrition science and related fields with an easy to use and free alternative for commercial questionnaire and experiment management programs. The toolbox allows acquiring Food-Related subject Characteristics, in a standardized manner.

The FoRC platform comprises three components, the FoRC Toolbox, the Questionnaire Processor and the Test Battery. The FoRC Toolbox serves as a front-end for the open-source experiment builder OpenSesame. With the FoRC Toolbox you can easily generate, select, combine and run multiple existing questionnaires and tasks. The FoRC Toolbox comes with a Test Battery of questionnaires and tasks. The Questionnaire Processor can be used to process the log-files with raw data that are produced by the FoRC Toolbox.

Download the FoRC toolbox and user manual

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