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Fiona Peris-Sampedro


Fiona peris


I am a postdoctoral researcher in Prof Suzanne Dickson’s group at the Institute of Neuroscience & Physiology at the University of Gothenburg (Sahlgrenska Academy).

During my PhD, I investigated the behavioural, physical and metabolic outcomes of the exposure to the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos in humanized transgenic apolipoprotein E mice. This included the assessment of many behavioural domains, such as learning and memory, inhibitory control, attention, motivation, anxiety, food reward, and social behaviour, and the study of some hormone-sensing pathways relevant for energy homeostasis.

Now, as a postdoctoral researcher, I moved a step forward into the field of the neurobiology of appetite with particular emphasis on understanding how food intake and feeding behaviour are controlled.

With ghrelin as the main axis of our research, my work within Nudge-It focuses on resolving the identity of neurons that tune our sensitivity to environmental food-associated cues, drive the motivation to obtain a food reward and guide our dietary intake/choice. Together with my hands-on experience in mice behaviour, I will implement state-of-the-art techniques that make it possible, for the first time, to target ghrelin-responsive neurons.