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Wageningen University, Netherlands

Kees de Graaf
Kees de Graaf

Kees de Graaf is a professor in Sensory Science and Eating Behavior at the Division of Human Nutrition of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He is BSc/MSc-training was on human nutrition and consumers sciences. In 1988 he defended his PhD-thesis entitled: Psychophysical studies of mixtures of tastants. De Graaf has published about 160 papers in scientific journals, mostly on psycho-biological determinants of eating behaviour. The research and teaching activities focus on the meaning of sensory signals, such as taste, odor, texture, for eating behaviour. His attention focuses on different groups of people (children, elderly, normal weight – overweight people), the effects of properties of food on choice and intake while using modern techniques of measurement (e.g. MRI; behavioural observation techniques)  

The research lines of his chair group focuses on the relation between physical chemical properties of food and sensory perception of salt, sugar and fat, the effect of sensory signals on health and wellness, the psychobiology of food reward, and the role of external factors on food intake.

Within the context of Nudge-it we will focus on the psychobiology of food reward, where we aim to discover the contributions of sensory signals, satiety signals, and metabolic signals to food reward. This will be done in studies where we  measure the brain response with the help of fMRI on experimentally separated oral and gastric signals of food and nutrients.

Wijlens GM, Erkner A, Alexander EA, Mars M, Smeets PAM, de Graaf C. Effects of oral and gastric stimulation on appetite and energy intake. Obesity 2012 22, 2226-2232.

Smeets PAM, Weijzen PLG, de Graaf C, Viergever MA. Consumption of caloric and non-caloric versions of a soft drink differentially affects brain activation during tasting. NeuroImage 2011 54, 1367-1374.

Griffioen-Roose S, Smeets PAM., Weijzen PLG, van Rijn In, van den Bosch I, de Graaf C. Effect of replacing sugar with non-caloric sweeteners in beverages on reward value after repeated exposure. PLOSone 2013: DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081924.

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