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University of Bristol, UK


Jeff Brunstom
Jeff Brunstrom
Peter Rogers
Peter Rogers

The Nutrition and Behaviour Unit (NBU) and the Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRiCBristol) will collaborate closely on this section of the project. Both are based in the University of Bristol. The NBU is headed by Prof Peter Rogers and Prof Jeff Brunstrom. Together, they have published extensively on psychobiological controls of human dietary behaviour. In particular, their work has focused on food reward, portion size, and the role of learning, and cognition. The NBU was the first group to develop a measure of the ‘expected satiety’ of foods. These tools are now used widely by researchers working in both industry and academia. In this project they will be applied and further developed to evaluate their application as tools to understand dietary decisions. Brunstrom and Rogers also have considerable expertise in associative learning and its role in the formation of flavour preferences. This topic is also of direct relevance to the work carried out in the project. Work at the NBU will be supported by Dr Jonathan Brooks from CRiCBristol. Dr Brooks brings to this project an international reputation for research involving functional neuroimaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and diffusion weighted imaging. Finally, Dr Marianna Blackburn has specific expertise in the field of human decision making. Her research interests relate to the application of contemporary models of decision making to understand individual differences in human dietary behaviour. Together, this grouping represents a strong combination of expertise in behavioural and imaging analysis.

Hardman CA, Herbert VMB, Brunstrom JM, Munafo MR, Rogers PJ. Dopamine and food reward: Effects of acute tyrosine/phenylalanine depletion on appetite. Physiology & Behavior 2012 105: 1202-1207.

Brunstrom JM, Rogers PJ. How many calories are on our plate? Expected fullness, not liking, determines meal-size selection. Obesity 2009 17: 1884-1890.

O'Sullivan HL, Alexander E, Ferriday D, Brunstrom JM. Effects of repeated exposure on liking for a reduced-energy-dense food. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2010 91: 1584-1589.

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