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Report from the Sixth Nudge-it Meeting, Florence 2018

24th – 26th January 2018, report by Amy Warnock



The meeting took place in the historical campus of the European University Institute situated in the hills just above Florence. 

On day one all Nudge-it partners gave a presentation of their current work any implications which it might have for future policy implications.

The second day of the meeting was focused around discussion. It began with parallel discussions in small groups centering on various aspects of decision making processes and drivers of food choice, such as the role of early life experiences on food preferences, biological and emotional drivers of food intake, and the role of environmental cues. Following this a full group discussion on the insights and ideas gleaned from the group discussions was had, leading into a conversation about the available tools to study and understand food choice. The importance of developing a definition for ‘hunger’ and ‘habit’ that was relevant across all disciplines was discussed, as well as the consequences of treating obesity vs preventing obesity. Finally, we formed two parallel groups considering anchors for policy as well as areas for future research. This resulted in a final discussion on how insights gained from Nudge-it could lead to policy recommendations.

florece cw 1
On the final day, Early Stage Researchers attended a public engagement workshop run by professionals from the EUI. It began with a discussion around the importance of research communication and the various tools and channels available to researchers to facilitate this. Prior to the workshop, ESRs had prepared a 3-minute script describing their research - this was then peer reviewed to ensure the language was clear and appropriate for the target audiences. The use of different video formats was then considered, ranging from speaking directly to the camera, an interview style format or an animated film. Finally tips for how to speak and act on camera were discussed. Once each group had chosen their video formats, the filming began! EUI staff were incredibly helpful and ensured that everyone was happy with their chosen format and assisted with the use of filming equipment and online programs for animations. The workshop has resulted in at least 10 different videos from a range of research backgrounds describing Nudge-it work. These will be available both on the website and will also be shown at a policy workshop in Copenhagen to demonstrate the range and scope of work being carried out by the consortium.