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Nudge-it collaborator Cass Sunstein wins prestigious Holberg Prize

Harvard professor,Cass SunsteinCass Sunstein has been awarded the Holberg Prize, one of the largest international awards given to an outstanding researcher in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, law, or theology.

Professor Sunstein is a collaborator and overseas partner on the Nudge-it project.  He works in close collaboration with Prof Lucia Reisch and her team at Copenhagen Business School on using nudge-theory to contribute to  improvements in public health policy.

A news article in the Harvard Gazette describes Professor Sunstein's work as having redefined several academic fields, and having had far-reaching impact on public policy. His scholarship spans behavioral economics and public policy, constitutional law and democratic theory, legal theory and jurisprudence, administrative law, and the regulation of risk.

In particular, Professor Sunstein’s academic work has reshaped understanding of the relationship between the modern regulatory state and constitutional law. He is widely regarded as the leading scholar of administrative law in the United States, and is by far the most cited legal scholar in the USA.  His achievment was also reported in the New York Times

 read the full news article in the Harvard Gazette

 read the article in the New York Times