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Links to Journals associated with this Nudge-it research



 Journal of Physiology




Review of Behavioural Economics

Journal of Neuroendocrinology

Journal of Neuroendocrinology



Journal of Economic Psychology


Experimental Physiology

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

International Journal of Applied Behavioural Economics


Physiological Reports



Human Brain Mapping

Human Brain Mapping

Journal of Neuroscience


International Journal of Obesity



Nature Neuroscience


Health Economics

Health Economics





Journal of Health Economics



Links to related European Union research sites

On this page you will find links to other European Union funded research projects in the field of obesity research

Nutritional Neuroscience Laboratory

The Nutritional Neuroscience lab is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and studies the neural correlates of taste, satiety and (unhealthy) food choice, gut-brain interactions, effects of personality characteristics on food-induced brain responses and functional neuroimaging in anorexia nervosa.


Understanding food-gut-brain mechanisms across the lifespan in the regulation of hunger and satiety for health.



Food Intake, Addiction and Stress - Common Biology in Your Brain



Satiety Innovation. New approaches to tackle obesity

 I Family

Investigating the determinants of food choice, lifestyle and health in European children, adolescents and their parents



Novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes



Preventing depression through food



Microbiome's influence on energy balance and brain development/function put into action to tackle diet-related diseases and behaviour


Methods of real-time fMRI neurofeedback (fMRI-NF) for clinical use


In the EU one-third of women of reproductive age are overweight and 20% are obese, a prevalence predicted to double in the next decade. There is growing evidence that maternal obesity increases the long term risk of CVD, T2D and neurodegenerative morbidity in the offspring.


Early Nutrition

The increase of overweight children worldwide is a serious health concern and there is convincing evidence that this may be partially caused by programming effects during infancy.


Is it possible to design a better, healthier and more individual diet? Understanding the relationship between food and gene expression may make this a reality. Food4Me is a university led, EU funded research project investigating all aspects of this exciting field.


PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention and population studies in Europe and around the World


The PREDIMED study assembles outstanding research groups involved in nutrition and cardiovascular risk in Spain

Predimed Study


 EATWELL Project

The EATWELL project aims to provide European Member States with best practice guidelines to develop appropriate policy imnterventions that will encourage healthy eating across Europe.