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Welcome to Nudge-it

Nudge-it is a European Commission-funded FP7 project bringing together dozens of scientists from 16 institutions across six European countries, the US and New Zealand. The project engages internationally leading experts in the neurobiology of motivational behaviour, reward and regulation of appetite, experimental psychology, functional brain imaging, behavioural economics and computational modelling. The project will develop innovative tools that link understanding across these interacting disciplines. The overall aim is to better understand decision-making in food choice and to build predictive models to contribute to improving public health policy.


 BBC iWonder - What's making me eat too much?

The article, made in conjunction  with Professor Jeff Brunstrom and the team at the University of Bristol, explores how decisions on how much we eat are governed by many subtle  influences.

Check out the BBC iWonder article:  What's making me eat too much

Try the questions - you may be surprised by your answers!

  Two new books from the Masterclass in Neuroendocrinology series, edited by Nudge-it scientists


Computational NeuroendocrinologyComputational Neuroendocrinology

Duncan J. MacGregor, Gareth Leng

ISBN: 978-1-119-95169-8

more information


Neuroendocrinology of AppetiteNeuroendocrinology of Appetite

Suzanne L. Dickson, Julian G. Mercer

ISBN: 978-1-118-83932-4

more information


The Nudge-it partners have developed a free, on-demand, online course called “Understanding Obesity”. The course discusses what we know about diet, appetite and obesity, and the gaps in our knowledge. You can sign up for the course at

Nudge-it is co-ordinated from the University of Edinburgh School of Biomedical Sciences by Professor Gareth Leng

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